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You did it ~ thank you!

Thank you for taking part in the 10 Reasons to Give campaign to celebrate our 10-year anniversary.

With your incredible support, we exceeded our goal and reached over $300,000         
(and still climbing). Your generosity creates life-changing opportunities through education.  

The ten video stories highlighted in this campaign beautifully illustrate the profound impact you have on the students and their community. You are invited to re-visit the entire collection of 10 Reasons to Give videos below. 

Thank you again for your continued commitment to the students and the team on the ground in Deh’Subz, Afghanistan.


10 Years Of Making A Difference

Reason #1 is Making a Difference. Here's a very special supporter describing our impact as extraordinary: the one and only Sarah Silverman! Generous donors like you and Sarah empower our students to choose their own futures.


10 Years of Opportunity

Reason #2 is Opportunity, exemplified by our student Uzma who joined us as a fourth grader in 2008. Today, she's studying to become a midwife at the Razia Jan Institute and her family calls her "Ms. Midwife"!

10 Years of Progress

Reason #3 is Progress. We collaborated with the Rotary Club of Ellsworth, ME to acquire a wheelchair for Mahnaz, our student stricken with polio. This year, Mahnaz placed at the top of her second grade class!

10 Years of Compassion

Reason #4 is Compassion, exemplified by contributions from dozens of rotary clubs around the country. For more than a decade, their support has changed lives many miles away.

10 Years of Strength

Reason #5 is Strength, embodied by Nahid Alawi, the wonderful director of our program. Nahid has brought strength, security, and wisdom to our students each and every day.

10 Years of Courage

Reason #6 is Courage. This is the story of Rahila, an exceptionally courageous student who resisted her family's efforts to marry her against her will. With the support of Razia and her fellow students, she successfully finished school!

10 Years of Community

Reason #7 is Community. Students from across the United States have built connections with our students in Afghanistan! Through the efforts of US students, we've fostered a global community.

10 Years of Perseverance

Reason to Give #8 is Perseverance -- and Razia herself is a testament to the power of persistence. Bestselling author Khaled Hosseini describes how Razia has already made a difference. 

10 Years of Inspiration

Reason to Give #9 is Inspiration. Our student Yusra describes why she continues to pursue her education despite a serious heart condition. "Education is important because when we attend school our brain grows, our mind expands, and our eyes open."

10 Years of Education

Reason to Give #10 is Education. Aziza began teaching at our school in 2011; now, she's our sponsorship coordinator and recently won the Afghan Young Leaders Award! Listen to Aziza describe how education has changed her life.

Education Is Change

Razia’s Ray of Hope empowers girls and young women through community-based education in Deh’Subz, Afghanistan. Our nonprofit organization and schools were founded in the knowledge that education is the key to positive, global change for current and future generations.

Founder and president Razia Jan, humanitarian and CNN Top 10 Hero, has worked for decades to build connections between Afghans and Americans while improving the lives of girls and young women in Afghanistan through education and opportunity.

What Tomorrow Brings, the award-winning documentary from Principle Pictures, tells the story of Razia Jan and the Zabuli Education Center — where students and teachers are making possible what was once unthinkable.


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