Razia's Ray of Hope


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  • Educating more than 1,000 girls in kindergarten through post-secondary training.
  • Enabling our graduates to support their families, creating positive economic and social impact in their community as teachers, midwives, and shop owners.
  • Certifying midwives who are now improving health outcomes in the community of Deh’Subz and beyond.
  • Helping Afghan families realize the importance of education. We now have a three-year waiting list for kindergarten!



Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation provides girls young and women in Afghanistan with free, award-winning K-12 schooling and post-secondary programs. Our model of transformative, community-based education incubates strong leaders, builds career pathways, and creates peaceful cultural change within an educational cycle that impacts present and future generations.

Founder and president Razia Jan, humanitarian and CNN Top 10 Hero, has worked for decades to build connections between Afghans and Americans while improving the lives of girls and young women in Afghanistan through education and opportunity.


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