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Student Profile: Alya

Alya Student ProfileAlya is an 18-year-old senior at the Zabuli Education Center. She enrolled in 2008 as a fourth grader. 

Alya's family is dealing with many difficulties. Her father is unemployed and her mother is a homemaker. She has two sisters and three brothers. Her eldest sister is unemployed and illiterate; her other sister graduated from school but is also unemployed. Both sisters help their mother at home. Alya's two eldest brothers are illiterate and also jobless. Her youngest brother is a ninth grader at a public school in Deh'Subz.

Ayla is an eager student. She is polite and well-behaved. Her favorite subjects are the Holy Quran and English. She enjoys playing volleyball and sewing traditional Afghan clothing in her spare time.

Alya's greatest wish is for peace and stability across Afghanistan. She wants to become a teacher and serve her village.

Razia Jan at the UN

Razia Jan was honored to participate in today's panel discussion on gender equality and violent extremism at the United Nations headquarters in New York. Her fellow panelists included: Lisa Davis, Clinical Professor of Law for the Human Rights and Gender Justice Clinic, Visiting Professor at Columbia University; Julia Santucci, Former Senior Advisor to the US Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues at the US Department of State; Verlaine-Diane Soobroydoo, Policy Adviser on Women, Peace and Security, Permanent Observer Mission of the African Union to the United Nations; and Brian Reagor, Program Development Manager at the Counter Extremism Project.

Razia Jan at UN

First-Term Exams Underway

Today students in grades 1 through 12 began their first-term exams. The exam period continues until July 22. Please wish these hard-working students good luck!


Student Profile: Meet Nadera!

Young Fundraiser Makes a Difference

We recently received a letter from Bella Frost, a student in Colorado, who was inspired after meeting Razia and decided to host a showing of What Tomorrow Brings as a fundraiser for our foundation. The event raised $375! Thank you for your kindness and your initiative, Bella! The world needs more people like you.

Bella and Razia Jan


Student Profile: Meet Majeeda!

Student Profile: Meet Fatema!

Security Measures

Our schools are blessed to have strong support from the community. Villagers keep an eye on our facilities and watch for any unusual activity. That said, we are vigilant in ensuring the safety of our students and staff. To that end, steel wiring protecting the perimeter of the Razia Jan Institute has just been installed. It may not be beautiful, but it's a necessary security measure.

Steel Wiring Security

Student Profile: Kamela


Kamela began attending the Zabuli Education Center in the fourth grade in 2009. Now, she is 19 years old and in the twelfth grade. She is calm and well-behaved. Her favorite classes are English and computer. In her spare time, Kamela likes to listen to music and read interesting books.

Kamela has four brothers and four sisters. Her eldest sister is married with four children and her second sister is also married with three children; both of these sisters studied until grade six and then married. Kamela’s third and fourth sisters, Feroza and Reema, study at the Zabili Education Center in grades seven and four.

Kamela’s eldest brother attended school until the eighth grade and is now engaged. Her second brother studied until the tenth grade. Kamela’s third brother and fourth brothers are in grades eleven and ten; both studying at a public school in Deh'Subz.

Kamela wants to become a doctor in the future and to serve her people. Her greatest wishes are for peace and stability all around the world. 

Kindergarten Students at the Zabuli Education Center

A group of our kindergarten students display their English skills--and a whole lot of cute!