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First Week at the Zabuli Education Center and Razia Jan Institute

An update from Malak Yusuf, Program Director, on the first week with Razia Jan at the Zabuli Education Center and the Razia Jan Institute:
Everyone is incredibly kind and so devoted to the school girls and midwifery students, especially Nahid, Zia, Razia the principal, and the whole school staff. Zubair is also a huge help for all of the school's needs.  I'm so impressed and proud of how hard-working the whole staff is, and of course meeting all of the students has been wonderful!  
The Zabuli Education Center building is very nice and clean with 3 levels. The school has very organized and well situated classrooms, student desks, and supplies, as well as a library with a plethora of books, a computer center, and a science lab. I am writing exact numbers of resources in my notes to report on.
The students are undergoing their exams this week prior to the grade results announcement day next Thursday, and then the grade 12 graduation on December 17. I have spent some time with the grade 11 and 12 girls this week, and they even pulled me into a classroom to put henna on my hand!  (photo below) They are beyond sweet and so excited about their education. I'll see more of the younger students next week during the results day. The teachers are also incredibly kind. They have been working very hard this week administering and proctoring exams, and grading away in the teacher's lounge room. I will speak with them more after the grading is complete. 
The midwifery students at the Razia Jan Institute are also amazing; they are so full of energy and excitement about their medical work. They are doing daily rotations at 3 nearby clinics in Deh'Subz, as well as the closest hospital, which is a 90 minute drive. Their favorite aspect of their practicum so far is being with the pregnant mothers and children and giving the kids polio vaccination shots.  
It has been an unforgettable experience to be with the students, teachers, and of course Razia. I look forward reporting more in the coming weeks!
Warm Regards,
Malak Yusuf
Program Director
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