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Kindergarten Student Registration Day at the Zabuli Education Center

A personal report from Malak Yusuf, our Program Manager:

Today, the Zabuli Education Center hosted its annual Kindergarten Student Registration Day. Mothers, fathers, and family members brought in pre-registered students (mostly ages 5-8, with varying literacy levels) all being placed into kindergarten (or first and second grade if more literate). The Zabuli Education Center has admitted 50 new kindergarten students for the new school year, which begins March 2018.

Throughout the registration process, I was especially happy to see Deh'Subz area fathers and uncles bringing in their daughters/nieces, and their eyes brightly lighting up at the prospect of seeing their young girls admitted into school. In some cases, many of these same girls were not allowed to attend beforehand (cultural/familial choice), but now more of the community is witnessing the value of girls' education in Deh'Subz.

Razia Jan, Nahid Alawi, myself, and another Zabuli Education Center teacher, Waheeda, all engaged in the registration process meeting each student individually to determine her correct grade level and literacy ability. They are cute us buttons!

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