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Results Announcement Day at the Zabuli Education Center

On December 14, the Zabuli Education Center held its annual Results Announcement Day. Malak Yusuf, Program Director, gives her account of this important day:
On Results Day, preceding the grade 12 graduation ceremony, all grades are present to receive their semester grades and recognition. It was such a special day! I had yet to meet the younger students because their classes had ended. Briefly speaking with them and seeing their enthusiasm in progressing into next year's grade was a motivating and heart-warming experience!  

There was so much emotion and joy from the students that some girls were brought to tears from all of the excitement. It is a great honor to receive the recognition of earning the first, second, and third highest GPA per grade. In a large, school wide ceremony, the top three students per grade are called up to receive a certificate of achievement, while the rest of the students receive their class certificates in their individual classrooms.

Naturally, the students of grade 12 were especially ecstatic to be nearing graduation. They were jumping up and down from happiness as their class' top grades were revealed and they officially received their class marks.  I have grown very fond of the grade 12 class during my time here, so I was especially moved by their positivity in embarking on the next chapter of their life.  Many of them will aim to join the midwifery program at the Razia Jan Institute, while others will target admission into American University of Afghanistan and other universities and vocational programs. 
This was a special day and I feel so honored to have been a part of it!
Warm Regards,
Malak Yusuf
Program Director
Before Results Day began, the kindergarteners (rising 1st graders)
gathered in a classroom to enjoy baked goods and apple juice,
as a gift from the contribution of Mrs. Janet Ketchum.
Her gift also afforded them all new winter jackets, which
we fitted for them one by one, to help ensure they stay warm
in wintry Kabul!
There has been significant snowfall this year!
Nahid, Principal Razia, and Razia Jan lead in opening remarks for
this year's Results Announcement Day.
Razia Jan cheers on the first, second, and third ranking students from
each grade; they are given a certificate of achievement and
stationary gifts.
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