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Opportunities expand for Afghan women

Washington Post: Razia Jan is featured in a Washington Post article on three Afghan women who are "smashing centuries of convention and forcing Afghans to think in new ways about the role of women in a country that has some of highest female illiteracy rates and poorest maternal health outcomes in the developing world."

Girl revolution

World Pulse: A new session unexpectedly stole the show at the 2009 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Early on a Saturday morning—when most delegates would be expected to be sleeping—a panel called “The Girl Effect” played to a standing room-only crowd. A buzz circulated the packed room, which included heads of state, CEOs, international banks, and philanthropic leaders such as Melinda Gates and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus. Why all the fuss? Lee Howell, Davos Annual Meeting Director, says girls were on the agenda for the first time in the meeting’s 39-year history because, as he puts it, “The field work, economic analysis, and experience all point to the powerful effect you’ll have if you invest in girls. People have to do more with less. If that’s the context we’re operating in, then the girl effect is an answer.”

Note from Razia: A Miracle Unfolds

Razia Jan: You are watching a miracle unfold in front of your eyes. It is a real journey that these girls are going through: from ignorance to knowledge, from repression to freedom, from darkness to hope. We all welcome you to see and learn about the first girls' school outside of Kabul in the village of Deh'Subz (which means green village). Two-hundred and fifty beautiful, quiet, adorable, and charming girls 4 to 14 years of age are enjoying a taste of learning and the freedom of being a child — and forgetting the hardship and hunger for few hours. It is a great accomplishment in a short time. I hope that you will become part of this beautiful journey, hand in hand with our dream, sharing the hope.