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Fair access of children to education in Afghanistan

UNHCR Refworld: "[A]pproximately 40% of children are deprived of education and girls are more vulnerable in this regard and a large number of children do not have access to school in rural areas. But compared with the past years, there are now more children who have access to school quantitatively and the number of schools too has increased. Despite all these, there are not enough schools for children and as a result of lack of enough schools and school buildings, there are multiple-hour lessons in some schools across the country (one shift, two shifts, and three shifts)."

Note from Razia: Midterm Exams

Razia Jan: We recently held our midterm exams for students in grade one through grade five. It took two weeks to complete both oral and written exams. The only class that was exempt was the kindergarten, but for those two weeks we made sure that our littlest students maintained their regular schedule.