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Regional Director highlights challenges for girls in visit to Afghanistan

UNICEF: “UNICEF is working to increase the numbers of girls in school by supporting the training of female teachers and setting up child-friendly classrooms. [UNICEF Regional Director] Toole visited female students at Herat Girls High School to see such efforts firsthand."

Girls' school in Afghanistan still flourishing

Duxbury Clipper: "You might think your commute is tough, but Razia Jan’s is much worse. She wears two hats, as the head of the Zabuli School for Girls in Deh Subz, Afghanistan and as the program director for the Arzu Foundation, a non-profit that works with women rug weavers known as the Hazara. It can sometimes take her 14 hours to get from one place to the other, across dangerous mountain roads in a fragile part of the world."