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Taliban ready to lift ban on girls' schools, says minister

The Guardian: The Taliban's leadership is prepared to drop its ban on girls' schools, one of Afghanistan's most influential cabinet ministers has claimed. According to Farooq Wardak, the country's education minister, the movement has decided to scrap the ban on female education that helped earn the movement worldwide infamy in the 1990s. Wardak said the Taliban's leadership had undergone a profound change since losing power after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. "It is attitudinal change, it is behavioural change, it is cultural change," he told the Times Educational Supplement. "What I am hearing at the very upper policy level of the Taliban is that they are no more opposing education and also girls' education."

Note from Razia: Growing Strong

Razia Jan: Our 2011 winter classes at the Zabuli Education Center are in full swing! This marks the beginning of our fourth year.