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Razia Jan, the Mother of Deh'Subz

Duxbury Clipper: or two days Razia Jan anticipated the meeting she arranged with the men she calls the Village Elders. The group -- fathers, grandfathers, other senior male family members of students at the Zabuli School for Girls and Women -- meet with Razia several times a year, but this time would be different. She had to tell them an American journalist was coming to do a story on the school and she wasn’t sure how they would react.

Razia Jan, CNN Hero

CNN HeroesCNN announced today that Razia Jan has been named a 2012 CNN Hero for her work in building a school for girls in Afghanistan and for her passion and triumph in committing her life to create a bond between Afghanistan and America.

CNN Heroes is a year-long initiative that honors everyday people like Razia for their selfless, creative efforts to help others. Click the image at right to watch the CNN video clip on Razia.