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Bridgewater State University: Patti Quigley named Public Servant of the Year

Patti Quigley at Bridgewater StateOur Executive Director, Patti Quigley, was named Public Servant of the Year by Bridgewater State University on May 14, 2013. Patti was honored at the 13th Annual Public Service Recognition Dinner, an event hosted by the faculty ofPolitical Science Department in celebration of National Public Service Recognition Week. We're deeply grateful for this recognition of Patti's work!



Note from Razia: What Tomorrow Brings

Zabuli studentsRazia Jan: It’s 2013, and our school is in its sixth year of operation. Most of our students have been with us since we first opened our doors, which means that I have come to know some of them very well.

I try my best to put myself in each student’s shoes, to feel her comfort or her pain. With our older students, I have tried to build relationships based on trust and friendship. Over time, I have become able to see and feel the changes in their thoughts and behavior. These girls have become comfortable discussing with me the personal issues that they face with their families at home....