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Send a Girl to School

Send a Girl to SchoolWon't you help send a girl to school?

The Zabuli Education Center is a success story. Today our school educates more than 400 Afghan girls who would otherwise not be formally educated. Against powerful odds, we are changing lives, changing minds, changing a country, changing the world. With your support, our school will continue to grow along with our students, so that we never have to turn away an eager young Afghan. Won't you help us send a girl to school? Even $10 makes a difference by supplying one of our students with a much-needed backpack! Click here to help.

Note from Razia: The Hope of Education

The Hope of EducationRazia Jan: Sometimes I worry about what tomorrow will bring. There are so many things to worry about. But then I see the 400 beautiful faces of our students, each one so eager to learn and have the chance to expand her possibilities and freedom, and I have to smile. From the very first day our school opened in March 2008, the seeds that my team and I have planted — giving these girls opportunity through education and the awareness of their rights — have grown, opening multiple doors for the students of the Zabuli Education Center in Deh’Subz. This is priceless. While there have been disappointments, at every step of the way there have been great success stories of these girls staying in school.

Several times each year, I have to meet with the village elders to explain our school’s upcoming agenda and our future goals. It always seems to go well. At a recent meeting, I could feel some anguish among the elders. The uncertainty of 2014 is at our doorstep and that seems to worry them too. Like me, they wonder: “What will tomorrow bring?” But the elders seem deeply determined to educate their daughters and granddaughters, no matter what. Their commitment brings another smile, and hope.

Teenage Girls vs. the Taliban: What Will Happen When US Leaves?

Malala Yousafzai The New York Observer on the outspoken Pakastani Malala Yousafzai, the plight of Afghan girls, and the importance of action on the part of moderate Muslims: "Ms. Jan founded the Zabuli Education Center in 2008. The day before she opened her doors, three men in white robes visited. One stuck his finger in her face and said, 'You have three hours to turn this into a boys’ school. Men are the backbone of Afghanistan.' Ms. Jan said she replied, 'Women are the eyesight of Afghanistan, and you are blind.'" Read the full article here.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation DayThe Zabuli Education Center celebrated Teacher Appreciation Day on October 6, 2013! Our students lovingly honored our staff and each teacher received a certificate of appreciation. Without our dedicated teachers, we would not have a school! Please join us in thanking these special women. For more photos, please visit our Facebook page.


Thank you, friends!

Outreach Tour 2013Razia's 2013 outreach tour was a heart-warming success. We're deeply grateful to our supporters, new and old, who turned out at a score of events to celebrate the publication of Razia’s Ray of Hope: One Girl’s Dream of an Education by Elizabeth Suneby and made donations to fund the Zabuli Education Center.

For a collection of photo albums from our visits to Denver, Omaha, Washington DC, and the Boston area, visit our Facebook page.

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