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August update from the Zabuli Education Center

Staff and students observed Ramadan this past month and celebrated Eid with friends and family during a well-deserved week long break following grueling week of mid-year exams. In Afghanistan the Ministry of Education requires students to take standardized exams twice per year, once in the middle of the year and once at the end of the year. These test can be anxiety inducing and exhausting as they are used to determine students learning gains and if students will be able to advance to the next grade. We’re happy to announce that all of the students at the Zabuli Education Center passed their midterm exams.

When the Zabuli Education Center students returned after break they were excited to see Razia, who is currently back in Afghanistan and spending time at the school. Razia will be in Afghanistan until the end of September, in addition to catching up with the students and staff she will also be laying the ground work for our vocational school that we expect to open in March 2016.