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Student Profile: Sadaf

Sadaf Student ProfileTen-year-old Sadaf is a third grader at the Zabuli Education Center. She wants to become an engineer when she grows up.

Sadaf earned excellent marks on her recent exams. She has the third position in her class. She is well behaved, punctual, and polite. Her favorite subjects are English and Dari.

Sadaf has four sisters and two brothers. Three of her sisters also attend the Zabuli Education Center: Shoghofa and Sheeba are seventh graders, and Zuhal is in grade six. Sadaf's youngest sister, Sahar, is six years old. She would like to enroll at the Zabuli Education Center next year. 

Sadaf's eldest brother is 9 years old. He attends a public school in Kabul. Her youngest brother is 4 years old. 

Sadaf's father is a bristle maker.