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Student Profile: Nazaneen

Nazaneen Student ProfileNazaneen became a student at the Zabuli Education Center in 2008. She skipped ninth grade, going straight from eighth to tenth. Today she is 16 years old and is in the eleventh grade.

Nazaneen's father is a guard in the Afghan Ministry of Culture and Information. Her mother is a homemaker. Nazaneen has five sisters and one brother. Her three elder sisters are married; her two younger sisters, Baseera and Tamana, are both students at the Zabuli Education Center in the seventh and third grades, respectively. Nazaneen's brother is a fifth-grader at a private school in Kabul.

Nazaneen is an intelligent, polite and punctual girl. She is a dedicated student and has the first position in her class. Her favorite subjects are Islamic studies and English. She enjoys reading English books in her spare time.

Nazaneen's greatest wish is to go to university and earn a law degree. She wants to become a prosecutor.

Student Profile: Muzghan

Muzghan Student ProfileMuzhgan is 15 years old and is in the 11th grade. Her father is a colonel and her mother is a homemaker. She has two sisters and three brothers. Muzhgan's eldest brother is a doctor in Austria. Her second brother has graduated from Kabul University and is now an officer in the Ministry of Defense. Her third brother is studying law at a private university in Kabul. Muzhgan's eldest sister graduated from a private institute sharia, and her second sister graduated from a private university where she studied medicine.

Muzhgan started attending the Zabuli Education this year after midterm exams. She is very polite, calm, intelligent, punctual, and well behaved. She studies her lessons eagerly and gets great marks on quizzes. Her favorite subjects are mathematics and English. She enjoys reading in her spare time.

Muzhgan's greatest wish is to complete her education, studying law, and serve to her people as an advocator.