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Student Profile: Tajala

Tajala Student ProfileTenth grader Tajala is 17 years old. She enrolled at the Zabuli Education Center in 2015 as an eighth grader. She then skipped ninth grade, going straight from eighth to tenth. She earns high marks on her exams and is second in her class.

Tajala is calm, polite, and intelligent. She is an avid English student and can write and read English very well. She also enjoys studying biology and Dari.

Tajala's father died when she was young. Her mother is a homemaker. She has three sisters and one brother. Her two eldest sisters, 21 and 20, are both illiterate. They help their mother with domestic tasks and make beautiful baskets from colored beads. Tajala's third sister is 16 years old and attends eighth grade at a public school in Deh'Subz. Her brother is 14 years old; he also attends eighth grade at a public school in Deh'Subz. (Although her siblings attend public school, Tajala advocated for a higher-quality education.)

Like her older sisters, Tajala enjoys making beautiful baskets in her spare time.

She wants to become a police officer and serve her community.

Student Profile: Yalda

Yalda Student ProfileYalda was one of the first seven girls to graduate from the Zabuli Education Center. When Yalda was in ninth grade, she was engaged to be married. Although girls are usually forced to withdraw from school once they are engaged, she begged and pleaded with her family to be allowed to finish twelfth grade before discontinuing her education.

Yalda persuaded her future husband to allow her to continue her schooling with the condition that she would graduate in three years. So Yalda studied extra hard and was able to take an exam to skip tenth grade.

Yalda was married as a senior in high school, but her in-laws allowed her to continue school. She graduated in December 2015. Her family's attitude has continued to change, and since graduating, Yalda is still at school, now helping out as an assistant teacher. Yalda is going to continue her education at the Razia Jan Institute when it opens. She wants to be a midwife in the local village, turning her education into a positive force for the community.

Yalda's younger sister, Leeza, is in eighth grade at the Zabuli Education Center this year.