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Student Profile: Hadia

Hadia Student ProfileEighteen-year-old Hadia enrolled at the Zabuli Education Center in 2014 as a tenth grader. She is punctual, well-behaved, and eager to learn new things. Her favorite subjects are the Holy Quran, English, biology, and computer science. In the future, Hadia wants to become a successful and well-known doctor.

Hadia is the oldest of six children. Her sister, Fariha, is 16 years old and left the Zabuli Education Center two years ago to get married. Two of Hadia’s other sisters, Zarafshan and Sameera, attend school with Hadia in grades ten and five respectively. Beheshta, Hadia’s youngest sister, is four years old. Hadia’s only brother is six years old and is in the first grade at a public school in Deh'Subz. Hadia's mother is a homemaker and her father is a car salesman.

In her spare time, Hadia enjoys reciting and listening to the Holy Quran.