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Student Profile: Aseena

Assena Student ProfileAseena is a 17-year-old student at the Zabuli Education Center. She started attending our school in 2008, and is now in grade 12. Aseena is a polite, intelligent, and well-behaved student. Her favorite classes are English, biology, and math. 

Aseena has five brothers and her mother is a homemaker. Four of her brothers attend public school in the second, fifth, and ninth grades.

In her spare time, Aseena likes to work on her computer skills. She wants to becomes a doctor when she grows up in order to serve her homeland and people. 

Student Profile: Nadera

Nadera Student ProfileNadera is a 16-year old student at the Zabuli Education Center. She enrolled in 2014 and is now in the eleventh grade. Nadera is very punctual, polite, talented, and well-behaved. She can also read and write English well. Her favorite classes include religious studies, English, and math.

Nadera has three sisters and one brother. Her mother is a homemaker and two of Nadera's older sisters are married. Nadera’s younger sister, Nadia, studies at the Zabuli Education Center and is in the third grade. Her brother is 15 years old, and attends a public school in Deh’Subz.

Nadera wants to become a doctor when she grows up so she can serve her people. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and styling hair.

Student Profile: Nazeefa


Nazeefa came to the Zabuli Education Center in the sixth grade. Today, she is a 17-year-old high-school senior. She is polite, punctual, and kind. Her favorite classes are the Holy Quran, English, and mathematics. She wants to go to medical school and become a doctor.

Nazeefa's father is a doctor and her mother is a homemaker. She has ten siblings. None of Nazeefa's three oldest sisters went to school; all three are married and between them they have 16 children. Nazeefa's fourth sister graduated from high school and studied midwifery in Kabul.

Nazeefa's eldest brother graduated from nursing school and has two children. Her second eldest brother graduated from pharmacy school and works at a pharmacy in Kabul along with the third eldest brother, who graduated from a private medical institute. Nazeefa's fourth brother recently graduated from high school. Her two youngest brothers attend public school in Deh'Subz.

In her spare time, Nazeefa enjoys cooking. Her greatest wish is for Afghanistan to have peace and stability.