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Student Profile: Marina

Marina began attending the Zabuli Education Center in 2008 as a third grader. 
Today she is 19 years old and is in the eleventh grade. Her favorite subjects are the Holy Quran, biology, and history. Her favorite part of the school day is recess.
Marina is quiet and polite. She likes to swing and listen to music in her spare time.
Her father is a teacher in a public school in Deh'Subz and her mother is a homemaker. Marina has nine siblings. Her eldest sister, Nazila, is a midwifery student at the Razia Jan Institute. Marina's second sister, Hadia, is in grade six at the Zabuli Education Center.
When she grows up, Marina wants to become a doctor.

Student Profile: Asiya

Asiya student profileAsiya is 18 years old. She began attending the Zabuli Education Center in 2008 as a third grader. Today is in the twelfth grade and will graduate in December 2017. Her father is a great leader in Deh'Subz and is the local council's manager. Asiya's mother is a homemaker.
Asiya is one of eight siblings. Her eldest sister, Rahela, is a graduate of the Zabuli Education Center and is currently a midwifery student at the Razia Jan Institute. Two of Asiya's other sisters are students at the Zabuli Education Center in grades eleven and five.
Two of Asiya's brothers have finished school and two other brothers are students at a public school in Deh'Subz.
Asiya is a punctual and well-behaved student. Her favorite subjects are mathematics and physics. Her favorite part of school is spending time in the computer lab. In her spare time, she likes to watch TV and cook delicious foods and try new recipes.
She wants to become a teacher.