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Student Profile: Manizha

afghanistan girls school nonprofitManizha starting attending the Zabuli Education Center as a first grader in 2015.

She is now nine years old and in the third grade. Manizha is a thoughtful, punctual, and intelligent young lady. She is a wonderful teacher and is able to effectively teach her classmates if her teacher is attending a teacher’s meeting. While Manizha is a well rounded student, her favorite subjects are Holy Quran and English.

Manizha has five siblings, all of whom go to school. One of her sisters, Negeena, is also in the third grade at the Zabuli Education Center. Her father is a taxi driver in Deh-Subz and her mother is a homemaker. In her spare time, Manizha enjoys making crafts and sculptures. She makes different objects from clay, like apples, bananas, and pears, and gives them life-like color. When she grows up, Manizha wants to become a doctor.


Student Profile: Marhaba

girls school afghanistan

Marhababegan attending the Zabuli Education Center in kindergarten at the age of six.

Today, Marhaba is eight years old and in the second grade. Her father is a military officer and her mother is a homemaker. She has five sisters and one brother. Three of her sisters also attend the Zabuli Education Center: Yalda, Kubra, and Sorya are in grades eight, seven, and five, respectively.

Marhaba is an intelligent, punctual, and sweet girl who cares deeply about her classmates and her school. Her favorite subject is the Dari language and her favorite part of school is spending time in her class. In her spare time, she enjoys helping her mother around the house. When she grows up, Marhaba hopes to become a teacher and teach at the Zabuli Education Center.