Razia's Ray of Hope

About the Foundation

Education Empowers

Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation is a nonprofit organization that empowers young women and girls in Afghanistan through community-based education in the district of Deh'Subz. Founded on the knowledge that education is key to positive, peaceful change for current and future generations, we provide young Afghans with the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, nurturing environment, so that they may work toward brighter futures — in their own villages and beyond.


Our flagship project is the Zabuli Education Center, an all-girl K-12 school that provides free, exemplary education to more than 550 students. The founder of our school and foundation is Afghan native Razia Jan, a CNN Top 10 Hero and tireless humanitarian.

In March 2017, our doors will open at the adjacent Razia Jan Institute, providing our graduates and other community members with a clear path to empowered employment while bringing medical services to a desperately underserved area.

The philosophy of education and school-building employed by Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation and the Zabuli Education Center has proved remarkably effective. It is our intent to use our school as a model to expand into neighboring villages. There is a desperate need for quality, free education in Afghanistan, a need that the public school system is decades away from fulfilling. We will continue to meet this need on an ever-increasing scale.