Razia's Ray of Hope


Making the Grade

We hire only dedicated, qualified teachers — a difficult task, as competent teachers are difficult to find in Afghanistan. Our team searches for individuals that meet our requirements, and we pay them 40%-60% more than typical schools in Afghanistan. Each of our teachers has graduated high school and many are credentialed or completing teacher training. We hire locally when possible, but the majority of our teachers live in Kabul. We provide transport to and from school every day. 


Teachers at the Zabuli Education Center are usually Afghan natives who have been educated through the high school years in Iran or Pakistan. After completing their primary schooling, these young educators move back to Afghanistan where they continue training and ultimately receive a teaching certificate.

Razia Jan personally visits the Ministry of Women’s Affairs to recruit teachers for the Zabuli Education Center. Razia administers tests to confirm the candidates’ writing, reading, and math skills before making selections for the school staff.

All members of the teaching staff at the Zabuli Education Center are trilingual in Dari, Pashtu, and English. These special individuals bring warmth and depth to the Zabuli Education Center's curriculum.

Just $190 pays the salary for one of our exceptional teachers for one month. Donate here and help ensure that our students continue to receive quality education that they deserve.

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