Razia's Ray of Hope

Razia Jan Institute

The Razia Jan Institute is the first women’s post-secondary vocational school in rural Afghanistan. Opened in March 2017, the Razia Jan Institute sits adjacent to the Zabuli Education Center, our thriving K-12 school in Deh’Subz currently providing free education to 625 Afghan girls.

Razia Jan InstituteIn an overwhelmingly positive indicator of progressive change manifesting in the district we serve, students from our first two graduating classes are among the 22 students that comprise the Razia Jan Institute's inaugural class.

At the Razia Jan Institute, students become certified in health services/midwifery while also learning English and computer literacy. (In future, office administration will be an additional course of study). Students graduate in two years with marketable, much-needed skills and the ability to peruse a career that is compatible with being a married, observant Afghan woman.

Razia Jan InstituteThe new facility includes a clinic where midwifery students train alongside doctors and midwives. In time, this medical facility will have an enormous impact on a severely medically-underserved area as there is no district hospital in Deh’Subz.

Solar panels are installed on the institute's roof, lapping up the rays, and white curtains embroidered with small blue butterflies festoon every window. As required by the Afghan Ministry of Public Health, the facility is carpeted in order to minimize airborne dust (an essential strategy to safeguard hygiene in Afghanistan).

The Razia Jan Institute operates with the approval and support of the Afghan Ministry of Education. Razia Jan, CNN Hero, humanitarian and founder of Razia’s Ray of Hope, understands the importance of earning and maintaining Ministry endorsement.Razia nurtures a strong relationship with the Ministry, which named the Zabuli Education Center the district’s top school.

Razia also has steadfast support from the community, which hails her as the “Mother of Deh’Subz.”