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Delivering Change

Through Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation’s Midwifery Scholarship Program, supporters have a unique opportunity to enable the education and certification of female health care professionals working in rural Afghanistan. This investment has a broadly exponential impact, translating directly to lives saved and communities transformed.

Investing in a student through the Razia Jan Institute’s Midwifery Scholarship Program is a support level of $6,000/ year, or $500/month. This scholarship covers faculty and program staff salaries, facilities and equipment (bus transportation to and from clinics and hospitals, medical training equipment, computers, software), operational costs (medical uniforms, books and subscriptions, healthy food), and administration.

When your scholarship student graduates from the Razia Jan Institute as a certified, practicing midwife, you will celebrate deeply in her accomplishment, knowing your support enabled a spectacular accomplishment that will positively change—and indeed save—lives in the decades to come. For committed change-makers, there is no greater reward.

Window to Progress

At the beginning of each program year, Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation will provide you or your organization with a personal video introducing you to all the benefits of your scholarship. Two subsequent videos each year will highlight your scholarship student’s clinical and classroom instruction, along with her observations and perspectives. This annual trio of videos will give you a lens into your student’s progress and development as she approaches gainful, meaningful employment in her community.

Join Our Global Village

We’d be pleased to discuss our Midwifery Scholarship Program with you and answer any questions you may have. Please contact Kate Harrigan, Sponsorship Manager, at kate.harrigan@raziasrayofhope.org or 781-431-7894.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions: I understand that upon the completion of each year of scholarship, my scholarship will automatically renew. I agree to be charged the then-current scholarship amount unless I give notification in writing to Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation not less than thirty (30) days prior to the end of my scholarship year. Sending notification via e-mail to moreinfo@raziasrayofhope.org is acceptable for this purpose. I understand that I can cancel my recurring payments at any time — however, any payments already processed cannot be refunded.

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Reason to Donate #5: 73% of our students live in poverty. You can help!