Razia's Ray of Hope

Sponsorship FAQs

Why become a sponsor?

Afghan students

When you sponsor a student through Razia's Ray of Hope, you empower her to break free from a generational cycle of illiteracy, poverty, and hunger. The Zabuli Education Center has become a celebrated symbol of progress and the advancement of women — and is the pride of the conservative community it serves. For more than a decade, our school has provided more than 1,000 Afghan girls with high-quality education. An Afghan Ministry of Education official said of our school: "It is perfect." 

Education is the key to positive, peaceful change for current and future generations. Data shows that educating women and girls is the single most effective strategy to ensure the well-being and health of children and families and the long-term success of developing economies.

Will I sponsor an actual student?

Yes! You will receive a photograph of your student, updated each year you are a sponsor. In addition, as a sponsor, you are able to correspond directly with your student — and she is able to respond personally, in English.

Will I be my student's only sponsor?

Yes, each student is assigned to one sponsor. One goal of our sponsorship program is for our sponsors to develop meaningful, personal relationships with their sponsored students, enabling you to appreciate and participate in the academic and personal growth of your sponsored student.

How much does sponsorship cost?

Sponsoring a student costs $35 per month or $420 per year. You may pay in monthly installments or in full at the beginning of your sponsorship.

How does my student benefit?

Your annual sponsorship provides your student with a year of superlative education. Specifically, your $35 per month pays for educational materials; nutritious daily snacks; outerwear to project your student against the harsh Afghan winter; teacher salaries; our daily school bus; our daily teachers' van; and other operational expenses of running our school (heat, electricity, internet connectivity, security, maintenance, Afghan administrative staff, and so on).

How do I correspond with my student?

As a sponsor, you are able to write letters to your student throughout the year(s) of your sponsorship relationship. To ensure protection for both you and your sponsored student, all correspondence must flow through the Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation's US office at PO Box 81052, Wellesley, MA 02481. Please include your student's name on your card or letter. For more information please see our Letter Writing Guidelines and our Child Protection Policy.

What should I write about?

Your sponsored student is interested in your family and would enjoy receiving a photo of you. She would like to know what your part of the country is like, what interests you have, or what work you do. Letters should be simple, age-appropriate, and sensitive to your student's lack of material possessions and the country's political situation. Finally, encourage your child to stay in school and work hard! For more information please see our Letter Writing Guidelines and Child Protection Policy.

Will my student write to me?

Yes, your student will write a personal letter to you at least twice a year. Younger students may draw a picture or have someone assist in writing to you. Sponsors will also receive regular, personalized updates from our program staff tailored specifically to sponsors, demonstrating the impact of your support.

When will I receive the first letter from my student?

We encourage you to write to your sponsored student within two months of beginning your sponsorship. Your student will respond within the first six months. If you choose not to write to your student, you will still receive two letters from her each year.

Can I phone my student or friend her on Facebook?

We ask you not to communicate directly with your student. Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation's Child Protection Policy prohibits direct contact between sponsors and sponsored students.

Can I post letters and pictures I receive from my student on social media?

Yes, we'd be delighted if you would like to share your sponsorship experience on social media.

How long will I be able to sponsor the same student?

At minimum, a sponsorship lasts one year; however, we encourage sponsors to continue developing relationships with their sponsored students for as many years as they are able. It is exciting and rewarding to support and participate in your sponsored student's academic achievements and personal growth throughout her years at the Zabuli Education Center. On occasion, a student and her family will move out of the district served by our school. Sometimes a student's family will decide, for other reasons, to discontinue her education. If any situation occurs that causes your sponsored student to leave the school, we will match you with another student who does not have a sponsor.

May I send gifts to my student?

No. We ask sponsors not to send their students anything aside from letters, cards, or photographs. For reasons of security and parity, we are not able to forward gifts of any kind.

Can I sponsor more than one student?

Yes, we would be happy for you to sponsor more than one girl.

What is the timing of the school year in Afghanistan?

MarhabaRazia's Ray of Hope and the Zabuli Education Center prioritize providing social, emotional, and academic support for our students throughout the year. While the official academic calendar in Afghanistan begins in March and ends in November, Zabuli Education students are encouraged to attend class during the three-month winter break. This allows our students to keep the routine of going to school, using the time to maintain relationships with fellow students and teachers while brushing up on skills not mastered during the regular school year.

Can I give a gift of sponsorship?

Yes. Giving the gift of sponsorship is a wonderful way to invest in sustainable change while sharing your interest in educating girls in Afghanistan with those you care about.

What should I do if I'm considering canceling my sponsorship?

If you are considering canceling your sponsorship, please reach out to our Sponsorship Coordinator who will be able to address any concerns and answer any questions you may have.

If I must discontinue my sponsorship, what happens to the girl I sponsor?

If you are unable to continue sponsoring your student, we will match her with another sponsor as soon as we are able.

Are there other ways to give in addition to sponsorship?

Yes! Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation would be pleased to accept a donation in any amount you are able to give. All money donated to the foundation goes toward supporting our students, allowing us to strategically invest in the girls and their communities.

Are my contributions tax deductible? How can I get a tax receipt?

Yes! The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity. Gifts to Razia's Ray of Hope Foundation are tax deductible in the USA. Our federal tax ID number is 26-2008030. We will provide a letter as a receipt of your donation.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Sponsorship Coordinator, Kate Harrigan, at kate.harrigan@raziasrayofhope.org or 781-431-7894.

Reason to Donate #10: Our school has thrived and grown every year for nine years.