Razia's Ray of Hope

Fundraising Ideas

Plan a Fundraiser:
Give an Afghan Girl a Ray of Hope

Donations go a long way in Afghanistan. Fundraising for Razia’s Ray of Hope truly makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of girls — and can be a rewarding, community-building experience for the fundraisers, too. With Crowdrise, it's fun and easy!

You might try setting a group goal of a certain amount for your fundraiser. Then, brainstorm different ways to raise money. To help you get started, we’ve outlined several creative ideas put the fun in fundraising.

Create your own calendar:
Remember the girls of Afghanistan all year long

Create and sell a calendar using pictures from our image gallery. You can show the beauty of Afghanistan and its people and help fund the education of girls in the village of Deh’Subz.

  1. Go to our image gallery and click on any of the photos.
  2. As you choose the photos you want to include in your calendar, save them in a file on your computer.
  3. Use an online calendar maker to create a beautiful calendar—or create your own. Here are two easy-to-use online options:
    1. Shutterfly
    2. Mpix
  4. Have the calendars printed and shipped to you.
  5. Sell your calendars to students, teachers, friends, family, and community members.

Read a book about Afghanistan:
Help teach an Afghan girl to read

By reading a book on your own, with your class, or in your book group you can raise money to help the new generation of Afghan girls fulfill their dreams of becoming literate.

  1. Visit our Reading Ideas page for suggestions of books to read about Afghanistan (nonfiction and fiction).
  2. Create a Sponsorship Form using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Publisher. Here’s a sample template.
  3. Ask people to sponsor you (please do not go door-to-door without adult supervision).
  4. After you finish reading your book, send a thank-you note to your sponsors including two or three facts about what you learned about girls in Afghanistan. You can make your own cards, or use a template in Microsoft Publisher. Ask your sponsors to send you their donations, if they have not already done so.

Jump rope for hope:
Give an Afghan girl the freedom to jump, laugh, and have fun

Collect some jump ropes and have at it! Have a jump-rope contest and ask people to sponsor you.

  1. Create a Sponsorship Form using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Publisher. Here’s a sample template.
  2. Create the contest rules:
  3. See who can jump the longest
  4. Have a jump rope marathon (people taking turns jumping rope for an extended period of time, such as 24 hours)
  5. Jump rope for 5 minutes at the beginning of gym class for a month
  6. Hold a Double Dutch Tournament 

Have a bake sale:
Give a girl at the Zabuli Education Center a snack

Bake some of your group’s favorite sweets and add a couple of Afghan favorites!

  1. Jelabi
  2. Firnee
  3. Baqlawa
  4. Gosh Feel

Share your ideas

Send in the ideas that worked for your group and we will post them here.


All donations are tax-deductible. Please send proceeds to:

Razia’s Ray of Hope Foundation
P.O. Box 81052
Wellesley, MA 02481

Reason to Donate #13: Your donation supports our caring, passionate teachers.