Razia's Ray of Hope


We invite you into Afghanistan and the Zabuli Education Center! Please visit us at YouTube for additional videos and playlists.

Making a Difference — One Girl at a Time

Education is a gift that can never be taken away. The Zabuli Education Center is a beacon of hope endowing over 300 girls with a brighter future for generations to come. (3 min.)

Video Tour of the Zabuli Education Center

Come along for a guided tour of our school! Our charming tour guides give you a taste of what our school and our schooldays are like. (4 min.)


What Tomorrow Brings

Step inside the gates of the Zabuli Education Center. Meet our students and gain an understanding of what our work is really all about. Courtesy Beth Murphy, Principle Pictures. In 2010, What Tomorrow Brings was awarded a Cinereach grant.

A Brighter Future, 2011

One Afghan father on the education of his daughters: "As my children study, their futures become bright. They can serve their people and their nation. And hopefully they will transfer to the next generation what they know." (3 min.)



Father's Day

June 2009: To honor their fathers on Father's Day, students at the Zabuli Education Center prepare craft projects and sing songs during a school celebration. (4 min.)


Teacher's Day

April 2009: Zabuli Education Center students share songs and express gratitude for their teachers on a special day. (4 min.)