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Inside the Zabuli Education Center

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Our private K-12 girls’ school, the Zabuli Education Center, provides more than 480 girls with free education as well as uniforms, shoes, warm coats, and meals. Our Afghan staff of 19 teachers and administrators is supported by a small, US-based foundation team. We provide groundbreaking instruction to disadvantaged girls in a region with one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. Where many existing schools fail to meet even rudimentary standards, our school is exemplary. A Ministry of Education official said of the Zabuli Education Center: “It is perfect.”  

The Zabuli Education Center by the Numbers

Student retention rate 93%
Classrooms 18
Students in 2013 407
Average number of students per classroom 30
Teachers and administrators 19
Student computers 18
School days per year, K–6th grade 178
School days per year, 7th–12th grade 184
School hours per day 5
Bathrooms 6
Library 1
Gymnasium 1